From May 29 Esther Stasse and Paul de Vries will exhibit their work at Gallery Carla Koch.  The gallery owner asked her regular artists: ‘with whom would you like to exhibit?’  There were only two conditions: it had to be an artist who was not yet affiliated with the gallery and he/she had to be nice person.
Paul de Vries, he is a true craftsman who has mastered the craft of silversmithing down to the last detail. As a result of the technique, the objects that Paul makes have curves this in contrast to the work of Esther which are rectangles. The elegant silver and the black monumental pieces from Esther will be a rock-solid combination. This show will be the first of a series of combined exhibitions.

Gallery Carla Koch
Veemkade 500
1019 HE Amsterdam
tel. 0642397440
by appointment only